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2002-02-05 - 5:44 p.m.

I forgot to say this game has eaten my life. In that poogle solitaire, neopets kind of way. I like to blow off a lot of stress by sitting at my desk and putting bees in bubbles.

My already erratic updating schedule will probably become even more erratic. I have registered for an online course (more on that as the situation progresses) and I am working on my two other websites and two other journals right now. Not to mention paper journalling, and trying to recapture my inner writer. I have seem some good come of things; I am writing a lot more these last couple weeks then in the last 2 years. But at the same time, nothing really significant or worth sharing. I'm getting into HTML again, too, and looking for some good web templates or HTML advice for working on my main webpage. I'm setting up a not so main webpage that I'll link to here when its done, and much thanks to soulkarma for the great template.

So, that's the short list of what's going on, and why I'm not updating. I usually don't explain, but I felt that an explanation was due at this point.

Will keep y'all updated as the situation progresses.


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