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2002-02-06 - 3:50 p.m.

My job for the day: finish the damn Christmas thank you notes. Mom brought me up right, dammit, and I need to reflect that! I have been feeling guilty for a month and a half about not getting the thank you notes done. Now, I figure I can put valentines in all of them and kill 2 birds with one stone. (Just to calm all of you who may think I'm going into Martha Stewart overdrive, no, I don't usually send Valentine's to everyone.)

Other projects for the day include: not going crazy, and finishing my online shopping. I'm shopping for organizational goodies, like notebooks to track finances in, and birthday reminders.

I'm trying to fight my winter depression by becoming uber-orgranized. Usually I'm in a funk from November to March, with a brief Christmas vacation. I'm hoping to bypass the whole February/March bad part by being productive. So far, not very good. Oh well.

This is a little fractured today, sorry. I'm trying to update on a more regular basis (just trying to prove myself a liar from the last entry) but don't really have anything exciting to say. Oh well again. Time to punch in.


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