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2002-03-14 - 12:12 a.m.

I had a weird day at work today. In some ways I was more productive than usual, and in others, less. I worked on a special project for about an hour and a half that came out great, but definitely lessened my output (emails answered). Luckily, its been slow. Also, I went over on my last break by 9 minutes, which is really bad, and I'm afraid I'm going to get in trouble.

Here is the link of the day, sent to me by Kevin at work. Truly hilarious. Comments include, "Hey, that's Law and Order!"

Still oddly disjointed and chaotic. Working on that, really. I know that I've been distant from everyone lately, and have my seat at work moved up 2 floors, away from people has distanced me even more. Trying to keep it together without turning into a monk. We'll see what happens.


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