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2002-03-26 - 4:51 p.m.

Feeling a little disgruntled today. Was woken up at 10 am by someone pounding on the door. I was hopeful that it was the mailman bringing a package too big to fit in the mailbox, but it was too early to be him, so no such luck. It was the plumbers, coming to replace the toilet and showerhead with more water- and energy-efficient models.

Which, in theory, is a good thing. In practice, the property manager had posted notices about this 3 weeks ago, and told us that we would be called to make an appointment. Matt called her to make an appointment, and she said, "What, you live in building 8? We probably won't get there until the beginning of May. We'll call you to set up an appointment."

Yeah, right.

So that was my morning. But the bonus side of this is that I was up much earlier in the morning than I usually am, and got a lot done. The moral of this story, if you have to be woken up 2 hours before you like to, at least that means you will have 2 more hours of productive time to your day. Or something.


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