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2002-04-05 - 6:57 p.m.

So, I've been bad lately. I was trying to update more often, and then, I just didn't. Oops. Too busy with my ISP's free webspace, and re-coding some other stuff. Also trying to figure out where I'm going to stick my geocities crap when they switch to pay...which will be pretty damn soon. I'm also thinking about grabbing a domain name for that page...too bad is taken! Its reserved by Magic Hat Brewing, who make the beer that I take my name from.

Let's see, what else is new...on Monday, my day off, I spent a couple hours writing. It was GREAT! I didn't really write much, just a little bit of auto-biographical sketch, but it was good to feel the words just coming out. It was a purge. That little piece of writing may never turn into anything special, but it was a good excersize.

Went to the family planning clinic today to get my depo-provera shot, and had a conversation with the nurse about my blood pressure. She was a very sweet lady, and didn't nag me about my weight, but she did say that I should go to a doctor and have them decide what should be done and if I should go on medication. Ick.

I've also been pretty into my blog lately. It isn't a journal, like this, its kind of a stream of conscious thing. I put links there that I visit during the day, snippets of articles I read on Fark, snippets of code I want to use on my web pages, things like that. I was using yahoo notepad, but it got so full. Also, I wanted to be able to send people there. And it gave me an excuse to use another cool template. As soon as its cleared up, I'll put a link in here.'s an aside to Mr. Christopher Michael, if he's out there...if you are going to send me an email flipping out, and I reply to you, at least email me back! If you haven't logged on, and hadn't had a chance, well, that's ok, but I have to wonder what's going on. Oh, and the archives are now listed in the drop-down menu to the left. I love that little script.


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