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2002-04-06 - 8:28 p.m.

I'm feeling very energetic today, very ready to do organizing and get things done. Here is a list of things I need to do on my weekend (Sunday and Monday):

1. Clean the kitchen

2. Put away the laundry and books in my bedroom

3. Get caught up with my reading for school

4. Get my knitting organized

5. Clean up my corner of the living room

6. Call the doctor and make an appointment for a physical

7. Make an appointment for driving lessons

8. Call the bus station about going to Binghamton 4/19-4/22

Things I'd like to do, but don't need to do

1. Get my computer hooked up to the internet

2. Make another work-out tape

I was watching the Carol Duvall show on HGTV before work today. She's not my favorite, but my attention was caught by a basket weaver she had on her show. The basket weaver based her patterns on the Fibonacci Sequence. Her name was Billie Something S-something. She was from North Carolina, I think, and she was talking about how people are so drawn to her baskets, attracted to them, and they don't know why. She thinks its because they reconize the Fibonacci spiral in their brains, and are drawn to its familiarity. I love that theory.


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