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2002-05-03 - 10:57 a.m.

I'm feeling tired and cuddly today. A little stressed, too. I dreamt that I had a migraine, and then woke up with a headache. It seems to be floating in and out. Its a grey day outside, all cloudy and drizzly. I can't tell if that is adding to the headache or keeping it from being to miserable. I'm wearing my huge overalls, which make me look very fat(ter) but are ridiculously comfortable. I think my shoes make my feet smell, though, which I do NOT like.

There's some complicated stuff going on in my head lately. I'm stressed about school, Matt is seeming very needy, I have a tiny crush on someone, and a lot of my mixed feelings about my step/family have been running around in there.

I wrote those paragraphs in notepad yesterday. I've been having a hard time finishing any entries at work, and at home, using the compuer is a big negotiating process. I really wish Matt would just suck it up and network the computers!!!! That's all for now, folks.


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