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2002-05-08 - 11:46 p.m.

First, let me say that I'm greatly amused with my guestbook, and remarkably amused that someone felt like commenting. If its someone I know who reads this, I'm even more amused that they felt like calling me whiny without actually owning up to it. Pussy.

So, I ended up not being too annoyed with Matt on Saturday night. He WAS drinking, so I was right about that, but most of my bad mood was because I was at work, and he was having fun.

I tend to be a little more optimistic in conversation, just because most of the people I know are so whiny and complaining anyway :). But mostly I am just pissed about stuff. about what is being said in my guestbook. I guess I really don't have to defend myself, especially here, and that's what I'm annoyed about. I feel the need to defend myself.


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