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2002-05-10 - 11:28 p.m.

I don't think I agree with this unlimited life span stuff. I'll have to re-read the science behind the X-Files, because I think there is something in there about this. I wish I could find what I did with the rest of my articles to myself. The priest one and the pacifier one especially. Darn.

Increasingly annoyed by guestbook spammer. Absolutely pointless interaction. Beh.

Finally, someone expresses how I feel about the remote controlled rats. This article sums up all the objections I had, and wrote earlier, then lost. Which makes me feel like a dumbass, because, dammit, I could have written that article and and posted it on the internet and presumable been paid to do so. Rats. Eh, darn.

I was just thinking that if Matt had an online journal that I didn't know about and know where it was, I'd be a little freaked out. But I think that's just because he doesn't keep a paper journal in real life, so it would be out of character. He knows I have a journal/diary online, but doesn't ask me about it. I wonder if that is out of respect, or just disinterest?

Sorry if this seems disjointed. I type all my fleeting thoughts in notepad, and then consolidate them into one weird stream of consciousness diary entry.

I still think the guestbook spammer is a pussy.


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