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2002-05-21 - 3:52 p.m.

Frustrated with Blogger again. Pages aren't showing up. Oh well. In other news, condolences to my friends Jenn and PJ. Their ferret Willie died pretty unexpectedly, and it was traumatic. I completely understand, and feel for them.

In other news, my dad is coming out with my stepmother and stepsisters (and one of their boyfriends) the day after my birthday. It was all my stepmother's planning. Pretty weird. I'm sure my dad wanted to come out and see me, but he would never actually try to plan it. He'd just call me on my birthday and say, "Oh, I miss you, wish I could see you," and leave it at that. As much as I resent the stuff my stepmother did to us as kids, I can see that she's making an effort to hold what little family she has left together. Though really, it is entirely her fault that she has such little family left. She's alienated her ex-husband's (the father of her 3 daughters) entire family, her whole family, and my dad's whole family - with the exception of one of my dad's brothers who was smart enough to never take sides. So really, except for her 3 kids and 3 stepkids, my stepmother has no family. For someone with tons of family, that's pretty sad. What's even sadder is that its all her own fault. And my dad's for being a weenie. If he'd made a stand, my stepsisters would have grandparents and cousins. Instead, nothing.


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