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2002-05-24 - 11:53 p.m.

I'm having an okay birthday. Matt's grandfather is in the hospital again, and his mom is giving Matt hell for not visiting him yet. So, Matt is worried about his grandfather, and feeling guilty from his mom. But he's making an effort to be good to me on my birthday, so that's ok.

Matt gave me the ergo keyboard I wanted, and then some. It's the Microsoft Natural Pro with USB and SmartKeys. Very sweet. Also, he got me The Sims (woo-hoo) and the Hot Date expansion pack (double woo-hoo). And lastly, but certainly not least, he got me the novel I really, really, really wanted. Signed and first-edition. Good job, babe.

I bought myself two birthday presents. A cell phone upgrade to the new Ericsson...complete with spidey faceplate. Can I get a *THWIPT* anyone? And if you don't get that...I'm not explaining. I also bought myself two extra IP addresses a month so my 3 month old tempermental generic but oh-so-speedy computer can get online. And I am truly, truly, truly a geek. The only thing that could have made this better would be a domain name and web hosting.

In other news - Clock ticking. I thought I was all good with not being pregnant. Well, I was just damn wrong. I'm not. I am ready to have a baby. Sigh. Even daily doses of A Baby Story, full of ghoulish labors isn't cramping my desire. Mother's online journals about not having any life other than the baby. And pictures of my drooling, drooling nephew and my previously amazing conversationalist almost-sister-in law being reduced to discussing what organic foods the baby finds palatable. And seeing my almost third trimester stepsister tomorrow is going to do one of two things - make me explode with envy, or, if we're lucky, gloat that I don't have pimples. I'm desperately hoping for the latter. I really can't have a baby now. I really need to be married first. And that really isn't happening any time remotely soon. So I need to push through this desperate urge, and get over it.

I'm hoping for big zits and swollen ankles. Not that I want to wish pain on my stepsister (well, ok, just a little) but to remind me of how unglamorous I would look, even fatter, and probably zittier.

I'm hoping that she's wearing horizontal stripes.


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