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2002-06-23 - 1:42 a.m.

Okay, warning. This entry is rated XXX. And too much information. And red light. You have all been warned. This is about my sex preferences. If you don't want to know, then for heaven's sake, don't read any further! Go back! You still have the option! Click the home button on your browser! Go to fark! Or Snopes! Or even! Leave now....or forever hold your peace. So there.

2. Are you male or female? or a he/she?


3. Straight, Gay, or Bi?


4. Vanilla, Chocolate, or both


5. Tell me a fantasy you have

Right now I am very into oral sex fantasies. Lots of licking, lots of orgasms followed by VERY deep penetration. Most of the time I imagine Boyfriend, but sometimes Crush A takes over my brain. (as opposed to Crush B, who has faded into background noise)

6. What's your hard limit?

Not sure...not into pee or poo.

7. Like to be on top, or on the bottom

I like the top, but am so out of shape, I'd rather be on the bottom.

8. Like one on one, or a group?

Definitely one on one. I've tried threesomes a few times, but truly, someone always gets left out. And now that I'm so emotionally involved, I could never share.

9. Every had a three-way?

See above.

10. Are you a fan of monogamy or polyamory?

Monogamy, definitely. I have enought self-esteem issues for one thing. I don't want to add the nagging fear that I'm not woman enough to keep my partner satisfied.

11. If you were to participate in spanking, are you the giver or the receiver?

Ooh, definitely the spankee (receiver...I like to take it!).

12. Make love with lights on or off?

Eh, right now I'm pretty heavy for me, and uncomfortable with it - off.

13. Do you like to incorporate food with sex? If so how?

Only after. Orgasms make me hungry.

14. Like to be tied up?

Oh baby yes!

15. How about blind folded?

That too.

16. Ever read Erotica? or write it?

Read it, and wrote some once. Not very great, but pretty effective.

17. Do you enjoy porn?

A little, but I usually feel guilty after. That's how I feel about masturbating to Penthouse, too.

18. Sexy lingerie, or naked?

Naked. I have one sexy slip that I like to wear, but not for sex or sleeping. Just an around the house kind of thing. Like a sexy housedress.

19. Sex on the beach, or in a cabin up in mountains?

Ooh, mountains or waves? Mosquitos or sand? How about sex on a lake beach at the top of the mountain?

20. Sex with someone who is very hot, or sex with someone who stimulates your mind?

Stimulates the mind, definitely. I've found that the people I find the sexiest are people whose brains I want to pick and souls I want to steal. ;)

21. Are you tantric?

I wish! I got a book on it, and haven't tried it yet. The "no ejaculation" thing is pretty intimidating to Boyfriend.

22. Do you even know what tantric is?

See above, you silly.

23. Where's the g-spot?

Inside...around the corner and a little to the left...oh wait, that's my cervix. Um, inside, and up a little, and no, not quite, a little further ba...oh! There it is!

24. Ever have multiple O's?

Sorta...just keep going, that's my motto. Push it til it hurts.

25. Dom, Sub, or Switch?


26. What's kinky to you?

Tough question. See, I like kinky. I like a bit of light bondage, and a bit of light domination. I used to be into pain, but I grew out of that. All of that is kink, and all of that is good.

27. Missionary good for you?

Yup. AOK. A little clitoral stimulation and I am good to go.

28. Oral sex? You like it, hate it? Engage in it?

LOVE IT. Don't mind giving, actually, I really like to give, and I love receiving. I just need to be in a non-self-conscious mood to be able to accept it gracefully. Kind of like compliments. I have never mastered the talent of accepting oral sex or a compliment gracefully.

29. You like it hard and fast, or slow and steady?

A little of column a, a little of column b. My preferences, left over from when we were all a little younger and more vigorous is hard and fast first, a little recovery time, and then slow and steady. And then more hard and fast.

30. What have I missed?

Favorite body parts. Mine being hands, collarbones, necks, and bellies (tummies to some of you).


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