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2002-07-03 - 6:47 p.m.

Here I am...hopping on the google bandwagon...

* Jenn is my ex-girlfriend.

* Jenn Is Awesome Dot Com

* Jenn is not here yet!

* "jenn is on the quiet side."

* Jenn is researching the governmental and non-governmental perceptions

of the delinquency and victimization of juvenile girls. ...

* Jenn is going to put the hurt to them

* Jenn is the vocalist, co-leader and banjo player of the group.

* Jenn is an attractive 19 year old with coloration and features commonly associated with someone of an Italian heritage

* Jenn is my favorite source for casual baby doll clothing (besides the items I make, LOL).

* "Jenn" is a professional cyclist sponsored by Minute Maid/Dasani-LaGrange.

* Jenn is an egg

* Jenn is trying to hide from Glen.

* Jenn is getting to be the pro at Chemistry

* Jenn is the current coordinator for

* Jenn is married to Matthew McConaughey.

* Jenn is 5 years old!!!

* Jenn is hoping that doctors will let her continue her growth hormone therapy.

* Jenn is particularly persistent.

fat-angel does not have quite as many responses...

* Fat Angel is slightly bitter in the finish.

* Fat Angel is the ale of universal reconciliation, brewed in an ambiguous world for those seeking answers in the age of confusion.

* "Fat Angel" is a transcendental piece of Flower Power proselytizing.

* Fat Angel is an unbelievably funny song about a pusher.

* Fat Angel is a little beatier than its original.

* 'Fat Angel' is a long Donovan improv piece (one of two on the record), based on the Airplane emulating the quieter live Doors as closely as possible (or as close as possible without employing an organ or an alcoholic sex bomb lead singer....oh wait, they had one of those latter species, but she doesn't sing on this one.


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