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2002-07-18 - 11:50 p.m.

wow....last night i actually dreamt i was in a corset. i am such a weirdo. i dreamt that Kris and i were dressed in period costume, and my dress kept falling off because my corset was too tight. since i had dreamt that, i really wanted to dress in costume today. but i couldn't find anything to wear. turned out okay, though. nick b. dressed up as a very subtle pirate. he wore his do-rag, cut off pants, and his pirate belt.

grumpy with myself. i ate too much today. correction; i didn't quite eat too much, but i can't eat anything else today if i want to stay in the proper diet for today. and then i didn't. blew it with some chinese food. Rats! i was doing so well this week.


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