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2002-07-26 - 9:26 p.m.

thought 1:

this is one of the very few times that i wish matt's mom lived really close. i would have loved to drop off my knitting with her today and say, hey, jackie, would you mind doing about 3 inches of garter stitch on this baby hat? i'll pick it up later to do the, no, you don't need to finish it, i want to see how the decreases turn into that spiral shape, but if you don't mind?...what, it'll only take you about 30 minutes? you'll do it while you watch HGTV? thanks a bunch! and then i'd pick it up on my lunch and start the decreases on my last 15 minute break.

thought 2:

usually i spend all summers as barefoot as i can be at work - flipflops, tevas, sandals, whatever i can just kick off. today i wore my sneakers and socks, and damn. i forgot just how comfortable foot support can really be.

thought 3:

life is short and love is always over in the morning.

i remember being very upset that matt wrote that on the whiteboard at hampshire. i can't remember if i was upset on my own behalf (and the flirting that was occuring) or on behalf of the girl he was sleeping with at the time. but i thought it was so damn negative. i recognized the quote - i knew it was sisters of mercy, but i still thought that he shouldn't have quote it.

of course,

25 whores in the room next door, 25 floors and i need more

is not much better


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