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2002-07-29 - 11:56 p.m.

I'm really not going to have a knitting blog...but I need to mention it a little. I'll get it out of my system in the first bit.

I think I injured my wrists knitting 80% of a little baby hat on saturday. It was the last 80% though, so I'm all done. then I went to the hellacious baby shower, and spent 6+ hours in the car, and carried a washing machine. Sunday was not great. And my elbows and biceps and fingers all hurt.

I must get the new vogue knitting...they have tons of men's sweaters...including the one kris is looking for! Maybe I can bribe matt into stopping at the yarn long as I stress that the no new yarn promise is still in effect. I didn't say anything about needles or magazines!

Anthony knew this girl, and my driving teacher was talking about this article this morning. I feel very bad for her, and her friends, and the person who was driving. This has been a very bad month.

This next bit might be too much information, so if you don't want to read about my sex life....stop here. Go read something exciting, and enlightening, like, oh, say, marn's diary.

I got to have sex yesterday morning. It was weird for a number of reasons...for one thing, we were sleeping in my mom's bed. Most of the guy's I've dated/slept with are like, "whatever, a bed's a bed," but it just seems weird to me. Second, I was woken up by Matt wanting to have sex...I love sex, but I just can't get excited when I am too tired to keep my eyes open. So, I enjoyed it, but mostly it was me going along for the ride, and trying to encourage Matt. But also, it's been over two months...there is NO WAY I was going to turn down sex. Sigh. I can always hope that I will end up with a more, er, frequent and pleasurable sex life - I just still feel pretty hopeless and negative about it.


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