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2002-08-07 - 11:55 p.m.

A continuation from yesterday...

This poor woman cannot get a break. First, she decides to have an abortion, for whatever her reasons. No matter what anyone thinks, that is NOT an easy decision to make. Second, she chose to tell the man who impregnated her the decision she made. That also took a lot of guts. She really did not have to tell him, and she probably knew the reaction he'd have. Third, she gets dragged to court, her rights get violated, and so does her privacy. Now everyone knows this very private thing, everyone knows what she probably wanted to keep to herself. Now, fourth, after all this rigmarole (which should NEVER have been allowed to happen) she has a miscarriage. There are so many things upsetting about this. Since all the publicity, she had been second guessing herself, and considering NOT having an abortion. She had still not made a decision when she miscarried. So the decision that was hers, by FEDERAL LAW, in this country, was all fucked up. I just feel so bad for this lady.


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