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2002-08-21 - 11:54 p.m.

I have a new plan. And of course, today being both Pirate Wednesday and Black Wednesday (more about those in a minute) it seems fortuitous that it was mentioned.

Sigh. First the new plan. I was in the shower, wondering how on earth I am going to manage to finish school, buy a car, and get married in two years on my current salary. I think that all those things can be done, but what about shortly thereafter? What I am oh-so-subtly hnting at am I going to be able to afford a baby in 2 1/2, maybe 3 years? More specifically, how am I going to afford to be able to stay home with a baby?

As some one who has worked extensively in child care, and with children, I'm not entirely opposed to day care...but I do know how expensive good care can be. And if the cost of paying for day care would come directly out of my salary, I'd probably only make a little over one hundred dollars a week. Enough for diapers and groceries - if we clip coupons. Not to mention the whole, really want to raise my child thing. So I started thinking, what am I qualified to do? What can I do either A) part time, or B) from home? And then it hit me...I can do in home childcare. I can take care of other people's kids in my home. Maybe I wouldn't go so far as to get a Day Care license, but certainly if I got re-certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR, then I could advertise in the paper. Maybe take two other kids, close in age to mine. I think its a good plan, and I'm proud of it. And how much money do you have to make in babysitting before you have to pay taxes on it? Needless to say, I have more research to do.

The fact that I was thinking about alternate employment was eerie foreshadowing...but I'll get there in a second. Next up, Pirate Wednesday. On Friday, I came into work and Nick (vegan-bowling-pirate Nick, not Quarters-Nick) was dressed as a pirate. Now, he had done this before, so I said, "What, is it Pirate Fridays now?" Nick and the other guy in the office, I'll call him LL, started laughing. "What?" I said.

"LL was asking me why I was dressed as a pirate, and I told him it would be cool if the office instituted Pirate Fridays, like Casual Fridays," Nick said. I thought it was a good idea. I have some good piratical bandana/headscarf/doo-rag thingies, and some good hoop earrings. But on Tuesday, Nick decided to change it to Pirate Wednesday because there were a bunch more people in the office on Wednesdays. We were discussing what our piratically challenged co-workers could do to celebrate. A lot of us have Dr. Cube pins, a cube-skull and cross bones, so that works. I was going to bring a mango for lunch, since that is pretty pirates-stranded-on-a-tropical-island.

Well, I got dressed up. And I was excited. And as we walked into of the first things we heard was "Black Wednesday." Which means...LAYOFFS. I had gotten a warning from a coworker via AIM that morning that bad things were afoot, but to be honest, he's somewhat of a pessimist, and while I believed him that people got let go of, I hadn't thought it was that bad. It WAS that bad. Long story short...I still have a job. Bad news one knows what my job description is going to be in a week. I won't have to go back to the phones (4 people from Email Support did...which sucks), but my job description may be, um, expanded. More details to come from my supervisor and the Call Center Director, aka The Big Cheese in Spgma.

Sooooooo....what have I learned today?

I'm scared of Pirate Wednesday - especially when my company turns it into Butt-Pirate Wednesday.


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