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2002-09-29 - 5:00 p.m.

At 3:44, about to go on my first break 2 hrs and 44 minutes into my shift...I got the first email of the day. Yick. As the day goes by, each hour has me freaking out more and more. When I woke up this morning, I thought, "Yeah, I was a dork last night, but I had fun." But with each passing hour, I realize that I was more than a dork. I was THAT GUY. Or THAT CHICK. I'm just glad I didn't have any access to lampshades or anything...I also had a very profound deja vu moment last night that I wasn't able to share because I was THAT DRUNK. I had never been in that bar before...but I've dreamt about it a few times.

I also realized that my actions last night must have seemed really strange to A, and I just realized that I never told him THE PLAN. (Lots of capitals in this entry...they're expressive.) I told K the plan like, eighty times, but I don't think I ever told A. THE PLAN was ill-conceived, but I was drunk. THE PLAN was to pay mucho attention/affection to A, so that any girls in the vicinity would get jealous and sleep with him. Because he's my buddy, and I want him to get laid. I told K I'd do the same thing for him sometime. However...I never told A. So yeah. Oopsie. 50% of my attention was my natural affection for him, and 50% was THE PLAN. Sigh. I feel like SUCH A JERK. I shouldn't be allowed to think and plot while I'm drunk. But of course, you know how it is. Everything seems like such a great idea when you're under the influence. Oh well.

I wore my glasses to work today, because I couldn't bear the thought of putting a finger in my eye this morning. I brought my contacts, so I COULD put them in, but I'm not going to. And there is no one here to appreciate my Chococat contact lens case. Anyway...I feel frumpy, ugly, stupid and embarassed today. Sadly, I brought this ALL on myself. I'm not even going to go into Matt in this entry. He's annoyed with me for stupid reasons, and I'm annoyed with him for perfectly logical, rational, well-reasoned reasons. Yeah, right.


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