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2002-10-06 - 8:56 p.m.

Had a nice but brief conversation with Quarters today, and a chat with Mom on the phone. It was kinda cool to talk with people that I don't talk to very frequently.

Mom is a little nuts right now. She was talking to my baby brother away at college, and he told her he wanted to get a tongue ring. My reaction - external, "He doesn't have that kind of money!" -internal, "He can't get a tongue ring, I want a tongue ring!" Mom, well, apparently she just broke down in tears to him. She told me, "I consider that right below piercing his, his, his penis!" As disconcerting as it was to hear my mom referencing my baby brother's penis, it was just as amusing to think..."Well, that answers that question. She can NEVER know the extent of my body piercing."


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