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2002-10-08 - 9:15 p.m.

It's exhausting being in the Customer Service/Techinical Support industry. The next time you are waiting on hold, before you scream at the first person you speak to, think of this - how would you like to be yelled at all day for something that is 100% out of your control and not your fault?

And don't use the excuse that the agents you speak to wouldn't work there if they didn't want to. Have you looked out the window at the economy lately? It's pretty damn chilly out there. And not all the agents are just high school grads who know their way around a computer. I know at least 3 bachelor's degrees and 1 masters degree in my 15 person department. We're all here because its better than slinging coffee, burgers, or movie tickets. We have health insurance, but we don't have respect. Sure, we don't have a dress code, but we don't have job security either. My job description has changed five times since I was hired two years ago. I applied for two of those changes, once for a promotion, once for a lateral move that suited my personality better. The other three were corporate decisions. One job change required me to learn two new products and two new databases - for no pay increase. My perks for that job change? I still have a job.

And that's what it comes down to. I still have a job. I'm stuck. I feel stuck. I can't get a new job without a car. Public transportation is too dicey and not thorough enough this far away from a major metropolis. And I can't get a car without a job. So I have to stay in this job for as long as I can hold on, so that I can make a dent in a set of car payments. Then I can start looking. But what am I qualified for? I can make coffee, bagels, and donuts. I can roll and mix pretzels. I can type very quickly, and I can learn almost any database. Give me a computer, and I'm a-okay. What do I love? What do I excel at? Going to school and taking care of babies. I've complained about this before, and I'll complain about it again - it sucks that the thing I'm best at, one of the most sought-after talents, pays the least. I am great at taking care of kids. I love it. But I can't survive on it. Not without some kind of schooling and official something. One of the greatest jobs ever was working in a small private day care center run by my college. The problem was that the job was work study, and as soon as I stopped going to that school, I stopped being able to work there. And to break into the private day care or Montessori school sector, well, I just don't have the credentials on paper. I don't have any traditional child development classes, though I have quite a few advanced behavioral classes. I have years and years of group and one on one experience.



I lost some steam, there. I got busy, and actually had to do my job. I scared Matt, because I said work was making me nervous and tense. He thought I meant just today...but I was talking about the last 2 months. I'm very unhappy here, and I feel trapped. In so many ways...emotionally, financially, employment-lly - just situationally. This feeling usually passes. I have some plans on the back burner...but shit just done go bad.


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