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2002-10-22 - 8:12 p.m.

I suppose I should talk about what's been going on in my life. But I think I'm too lazy. I will give a quick run-down. Last Friday, the 18th, Matt and I got a cat from the Springfield SPCA. He'd only been there for a few days, since that Tuesday, in fact. The people at the shelter named him Leo the Lion, but we renamed him to Virgil. I'm working on getting a photo album of him up, but if you want a quick picture fix, you can look here. Virgil has a few personality quirks, which might be a representative of his checkered, but brief past. He definitely has separation anxiety. At any point, if he can't see both me and Matt, or hear us both, he starts meowing. And he also doesn't like using the litter box unless I am standing there next to him. He went once for Matt, but usually he just looks up and me and meows, and I know its time.

Virgil's Stats:

age - approximately 10 to 12 months

neutered? - not the next 24 hours, yes

food preferences - so far he likes anything meat, cheese, or catnip related.

toys - he likes to chase rolling things, but doesn't seem interested in actually batting them around himself...maybe this will change as he gets more acclimated

favorite hang-out spot - he likes to sit on the windowsill in our bedroom and look at the pigeons out the window, and all the neighborhood folks out back

obsession - closed doors. everytime he notices a closed door (especially a closet) he meows at it until it gets opened, so he can investigate. This is a new thing the last couple of days, and he's pretty insistent that we open all the closet doors.

As for everything else in my life...nothing new. Craft circle is starting to go nicely, projectsociety stuff is cool (watch that spot for details), and work still blows goats. Does anyone even say "blows goats" anymore? Probably not. Maybe I should register ""


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