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2002-11-07 - 1:52 p.m.

In the spirit of in-group diary entries, here we go.

Jen O, honey, there is a reason why I at least stopped hanging out with the other Jen in high school. As much fun as it would be to imagine us as The Jen(n)s, the truth is there were very real reasons why we didn't get along. Maybe they weren't good reasons, but they were very real. They were mostly boy(s) related, and to be one hundred percent honest, I didn't get over it until early this year. There were promises broken, feelings hurt, and secrets shared. And it took me seven years to be able to say to myself, "I think I can finally let it go."

Now, I can say that I am excited to know what is going on with her life, and I'm not pained by her existence. This all looks cruel written out, but I'm not going to take it back. Honesty is something that is always important, even when it hurts, and was also the first casualty in all those crazy high school affairs.


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