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2002-11-21 - 9:23 p.m.

There are so many times when I have a great idea for a diary entry when I'm in the bathroom at work, and then I get back to my desk and I have nothing - today is one of those days. Well, I went to the bathroom, I had an idea, but it's not great.

Highschool. I have not been updating as much lately due to a minor mental freak out. I didn't realize quite how many people from high school were reading my diary. It's not a problem, I don't mind, but I find myself a little freaked out. I occaisionally like to bring up grudges from the past in my diary, and I'm wondering how people would react. So I guess I will just say: Christopher Michael, Jen C., Jen O., and Angela - I like you all just fine. But that's now. There may have been some times in the past when I was less than pleased (to be honest, Jen O., I can't think of one, but I wanted to acknowledge your presence) with whatever was going on in an interpersonal way, but currently, I bear no ill will toward any one. Except maybe Margo - joking! I was also thinking of starting a "hey, I went to Shen/lived in Clifton Park" web ring, but am too lazy to figure out how to start one.

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My most recent dream will go here...when I remember it.


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