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2002-11-24 - 9:35 p.m.

I'm reaching the end of my rope with insensitive co-workers. Let me give you a tiny description of where I sit. I sit about 10 feet away from the control desk, where a couple folks answer phones, monitor our systems, and other relatively important jobs. The big problem is that since these people aren't answering customer calls or emails, they are left free to chat with their co-workers while they do their monitoring and occaisional phone answering. The problem isn't with them, but with the people that come up to talk to them. In the past week, I've overheard several inappropriate (borderline sexual harassment) conversations, including:

* extensive talk about the men's restroom, including urinals and looking at other people's "junk"

* how hot a girl who used to work here looked, and how nice she was, and how hot she was...nice ass, nice smell, etc, etc, etc...

* how this one kid found a website where a woman had posted pictures of her stillborn baby

The thing that really got me worked up was the kid talking about the memorial baby site. He was VERY lound, and I do NOT like to hear the phrases "dead baby" and "this woman took pictures of her DEAD BABIES" and "how sick is that?" I got up, went over and said, "Look, I can hear you. This is not something I want to hear you talking about. I don't care that you are talking about it, just keep it down. And for god's sake, keep in mind that everyone mourns in their own way, and that poor woman is allowed to do what she needs to do to mourn." I then added that I don't want to be a bitch, but at the same time, if I can hear the conversation from where I am, any number of supervisors or managers could too. And regardless of whether they are on break or not, this is just NOT appropriate workplace conversation.

Huh. I'm just upset.


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