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2002-12-24 - 10:31 p.m.


Well, it's Christmas Eve. It was a huge struggle to get there this year. I, the one who usually loves the holidays, had a hard time getting into it. So I tried to force it by excessive gift hunting/shopping/purchasing. And while I managed to get a lot of cool gifts for my family, I still wasn't feeling very good about the season. Work and family crap aside, I usually can feel okay at this time of year, and I just wasn't.

Strangely enough, there are two things that are making me feel a little better, a little more festive, and its not presents. They are:

1. Planning to go to midnight mass

2. Looking forward to seeing my Mom

Well, crap.

I just talked to Matt, who had called my mom to find out about the weather. It looks like the weather is soo bad that we might very well have to leave tonight after work, instead of going to Midnight Mass, then leaving early in the morning, just to be safe.



mayfly project

No one I love can get a break.

Whatever can go wrong, does, frequently.

This is the year of Murphy.



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