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2003-02-04 - 10:46 p.m.

I sooooo don't want to be at work today. I feel

horrible, mostly an emotional response. I feel like crying, and going back to bed.


amazingly enough, a hug from Anthony and a cup of coffee has made me feel better. Last night was a little crazy - one of the managers came over to me, and pantomined me putting a customer on hold. I asked the customer to hold, and asked him what was up...apparently email support was backed up, and he wanted to know if I would mind not answering phones, and answering emails instead for the remainder of my shift. I was thrilled, seriously. It was great, just busting through emails left and right. I think I busted just a little too much, though. When I punched out, my right arm was tingly (not in a good way) from elbow to wrist. Stupid non-ergo keyboard. Stupid computer desktray with sharp edges. Stupid mouse. No knitting or browsing for me last night. But that's okay. I ended up watching the whole episode of Lexx. Damn, I love that show. I don't even know why, it just is something that amuses me greatly. It isn't all because of Kai, I swear. Part of it is Xev, too.

*even later*

Kevin just freaked me out. Damn, he's good. He is a Minion with a capital "M".

Oh, and I'm back on answering emails today. I love it. And I'm so sad that it won't last.


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