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2003-02-06 - 10:38 p.m.

Crap, all my images are gone. Must be something wrong w/ my Diaryland Gold Membership...I'll figure something out. For now, please just bear w/ the dead links, okay?

mix tapes

I remember my buddy Gabe and I had a mix tape argument once. He makes great tapes....we were debating over Lou Reed's "Pale Blue Eyes." He called it a mix tape killer, and I said that it could be used to sustain a mood, but probably should be put at the very end. It was particularly funny, because I used that song on a quite a few mix tapes.

I dated this kid Ian in high school. Fascinating guy. He's out there on the big internet somewhere. He made me a few tapes, two Lords of Acid tapes, and two tapes that were chronologies of his relationships - each girl got a few songs. My songs were a little freaky - "Daddy" by Korn, "something I can never have" by NIN.

It's my own personal theory that everyone has had "something i can never have" as a personal anthem at one point or another. I have had a few people put it on mix tapes, referring to me, and upon at least one break up, had the lyrics emailed to me.


Listening to the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, on tape. It's from a tape Matt's sister made back in the day - Emo Philips is on the other side. Just...damn. A lot of good stuff.

I had more I wanted to say - but I didn't. I'm suddenly obsessed with the Jeff Buckley song "Last Goodbye" but I won't post it in this diary. Instead, I think I'll put it here.


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