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2003-02-12 - 10:39 p.m.

Work is starting to be okay. I had a conversation with my manager last night about somethings, it he ended up telling me that "people thing very highly" of me. The higher-ups find me "dependable." And while "dependable" may not be a very exciting adjective, I'm not ashamed to be considered dependable. Especially not in a company where mass lay-offs occur frequently, and seemingly arbitrarily.

Interesting fact: I don't consider myself to be "girly," and normally I shun makeup, except when I'm going out. But...if I'm feeling sick, or tired, or grumpy, putting on makeup makes me feel better. Kind of silly, but something I think people - maybe just women, I don't know - have been doing for a long time. I had (have) a bad headache, but I just got up, put on some powder, eyeliner and lipgloss, and I feel better. Maybe it's because now I don't look as haggard as I feel, maybe it was as simple as being away from my desk for 2 minutes, I don't know. But it worked.

I had so much more exciting things to say...but they're not rising to the front of my brain right now. Too bad for y'all.


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