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2003-02-18 - 10:57 p.m.

Sigh. I was doing so well this week. Yesterday was a snow day, the first work-sanctioned snow day that I remember. I've heard it was the first in 3 years. Considering I've just been here for 2 1/2, I believe it. I took the day w/o pay, rather than wasting one of my paid vacation/personal days. I know I will need them later. Too many people I love are getting married this year!

Amen to Jen.


I had a lot more to say, but damn, work got busy. My temporary email respite is over, and I'm back to answering phones. Please be nice to tech support, for my sake.

*still later*

When I read these, I laughed as hard as a hyena on nitrous oxide.

*even later*

Crap, I like this template, but nothing is going well with it. I looked at the code for previous and next, but they still don't work right. I wonder why? Oh well, I'll fix it later. At least I got the image saved to my server.


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