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2003-05-01 - 10:38 p.m.

Man, I have really been meaning to update more. Work just won't allow it. And I feel kinda awkward. I just don't feel like I'm writing anything interesting, and I don't feel like anything worthwhile is coming off the keyboard. And I say these things all the time...blurgh. So I'm just going to babble randomly for a while.

I think I'm busting my wrists/arms. I can feel them burn. My workstation at work is not 100% ergonomic. The keyboard is, but I don't have it positioned right. I could fix it, and I'll probably have too. Burning wrists is not good.

Today I'm dressed eclectically, but fun. My hair is up, lace tank top w/ cardigan, long skirt - all black. I'm wearing sneakers, though, with purple striped socks, which you can't see, because they are under baby blue glittery leg warmers. Ah, one of my favorite 80's trends that I didn't actually submit to in the 80's - my mom wasn't into letting me wear leg warmers for fashion's sake. Though I did have some slouchy socks. Actually, you want to know what I looked like in the 80's? Go rent "Welcome to the Dollhouse." Sad, but oh so true.

I have been waxing philosophical in the shower, as usual, but since I don't have a high speed connection there, the words will never find their way to this diary.


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