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2003-05-28 - 10:48 p.m.

My God, what a weekend.


It all started last Thursday with karaoke. We had a blast, as usual, and a million people from work showed up. I think the regulars may have been a little like, "Where did all these white folks come from?", but it was fabulous. I got happily tipsy, and stole some drag's off of D's cigarette - so naughty!


Friday we did some chores around the house, and test drove a Hyundai Accent...more about that later. My sister drove out from NY to spend my birthday weekend with me, and we headed out to Denny's while Matt went to a friend's girlfriend's birthday party. We spent most of the night just chilling, but it was great to hang out with Nicole. We watched "While You Were Out," and I got to hate Chase Dakota and her stupid paperclip dispenser. I dreamt about getting paperclip tattoos that night.


Saturday morning was my birthday. Matt woke me up to do presents before we went to help Kevin move some things into a truck. He's moving far away from me (Milwaukee!) to be with the woman he loves...which is romantic and scary all at the same time. Kevin is a very very brave man. Anyway, I opened my presents from Nicole (fun carebear and fairy presents, with strawberry shortcake flip-flops!) and then my present from mom (silver cat pin - very cute). I had Matt open his anniversary presents from me, and I opened mine from him...then I opened my birthday presents from him. He got me a Billie Holiday 2 CD set, and My First Bento Box. Go look at the link so you know what I'm talking about. I opened it up, and was playing with the pretend maki, and there was a chocolate-dipped fortune cookie. Matt said, "Eat your fortune cookie."

"But it's too early, I'm not that hungry."

"Eat the fortune cookie!"

That's when I figured out that he probably wanted me to read what the fortune said. So, I started eating the cookie, and pulled out the fortune. It said:

Happy Birthday!

Check under the sushi...

So I lifted the wasabi. I lifted the maki. I lifted the bento trays themselves. Finally Matt said, "The sushi! The sushi!" I lifted a tuna roll, and there was a shiny, sparkly, diamond ring.

Matt kneeled on the floor next to me. "Will you marry me?" he asked.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God."

Eventually, I did answer yes.

Then we helped Kevin move, called various family members, and took the ring to be resized. Because I have such fat fingers, they will have to send it back to the manufacturer to be enlarged. I know it's silly, but I miss it already. We ate at Fitzwilly's, where the server was marvelously unattentive, and the service was slow. Sad. The first time I've ever had a bad experience there. We then cruised by the yarn store so I could buy my sister some yarn and use the gift certificate that was burning a whole in my pocket, and headed off to Jenn and Peej's. Hung out there, low-key, fun.


Bummed around the house. Nicole and I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Barnes and Noble for some shopping. Nicole graduated from college, and Matt and I didn't know what to get her for a graduation gift, so I took her shopping. We bought her a huge, soft bath sheet, a yoga mat, and a wine bottle stopper. Picked up some choice sale items and big honking bridal magazine at Barnes and Noble. Back at our house, the gaming crew was over for Matt's current RPG. My sister and I (and later Amber) hung out in the computer room, watching "Moulin Rouge" and "Real Genius" while knitting.


Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Matt and Nicole, vegging back at the apartment, then dinner with Jenn and Peej at Fitzwilly's after Nicole left to go back to NY. Lousy service for the second time that weekend at Fitzwilly's. Home in time for a little bit of the Tsars, and some Stargate SG-1.


Back to the grindstone, after calling the insurance company to add the new car to the policy. Got to tell some folks at work that now I'm engaged!


Picked up my new car! Yipe! I'm thrilled and scared at the same time. The transportation freedom is exciting, but the financial commitment is extreme.


I'm ridiculously overwhelmed, but very happy. I'm psyched that I have a car, and some kind of freedom, and I'm psyched that Matt really does want to marry me. Whenever I stop to think about it, it gets kind of freaky, but being grown up is kind of cool.


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