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2003-07-24 - 10:51 p.m.

Ugh. So I'm avoiding writing a resume.

I feel like I'm cheating on this diary with my livejournal. It's just so much easier to put up little posts in LJ. Also, this diary has a lot of history I wouldn't give out to just any one, but my LJ is pretty innocuous. Matt has the URL, which he likes. He likes to see what I'm writing about.

The month from hell got worse, incidentally. Earlier this week, I was in a minor car accident which resulted in no injuries, but a very, very smashed passenger side front door. I'm agonizing over this, and it doesn't help that Anthony told me, "I told you so." I really wanted to be the new driver with a nice car that DIDN'T get in an accident. So I'm dealing with all the insurance and crap from tht. It is not fun, let me tell you.

We're also going to move. It's a much smaller apartment in a crappy part of town, but the building itself seems nice, and safe, and for the first time since we lived in Amherst, the neighbors seem friendly. I'm really crossing my fingers on this one. The landlord seems really great too, weirdness aside. I may write about the landlord a little later. I can deal with the smaller apartment, I hope. I just hope Matt is happy there.

He's not handling the whole thing very well, and I don't blame him. Everything is upside down right now.


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