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2003-07-30 - 10:50 a.m.

Basically, my current job is this: the company I work for is trying to meld one database into another. Remember that saying? The one with the square peg and the round hole? That's what this is. And what we're doing is tallying the debris that happens when you try and shove something where it doesn't want to go, and sending it to the IT guys.

"We're finding that when you shove a square peg in a round hole, the corners get shaved off, so we lose the upper left-hand corner, the upper right-hand corner, the lower left-hand corner, and the lower right-hand corner. And because this is a big peg, there are some divots taken out of the right side as well."

So IT goes and re-writes the bit that we report on, and next thing we know, we're putting a square peg through a slightly larger round hole, and reporting again on debris, and gaps. It's very interesting, but there isn't a ton of variety.

I'm so tired this morning. I've shifted my schedule from 2:00 to 10:30 to 8:30 to 5:00. And while I love getting out of work when it is still light out, I feel sleepy and useless for half the morning. My body is starting to get used to waking up at 6:45...the last few days I've woekn up before the alarm. But then I lay there, feeling exhausted. Doesn't help my mood that all the showers are cold, lately.

I can scarcely keep my eyes open. I'm slouching sideways in my chair, and I keep popping into websites, writing a few more lines in this entry, flipping through my datebook. The monotony of this database sorting is keeping me dull. I don't mind the job itself, monotony is something I can handle (at least in work, not real life), but I need to be awake to handle it.

So, how is the rest of my life going? We've found a new (cheaper) apartment, about 3 or 4blocks down from where we currently live. In Holyoke, like most cities, going downhill = cheaper & dirtier. But this apartment looks great. Ideally, we should have moved into the new apartment last year, saved up money, and moved into the current apartment this year. But that's not the way fate or layoffs work. Its heartbreaking to think that we will be moving out of this apartment. It is beautiful, free of bad ghost/karma/vibrations, and big. Plus, everyone who comes over says the same thing..."This is a GREAT apartment." I'm going to miss it.

I was in a slight car accident. Fixing my car is going to be expensive (mostly covered by insurance) and time-consuming. Depending on the insurance company's rental policy (I think they give you a discount, or provide it free for a few days) I think I will probably have to rent a car while they fix mine. How depressing, since I'll also have to be moving at the same time.

Haven't really found a job yet, but need to speak to some career people to find out just what I can do for job training and still get unemployment. What I really, in a perfect world, would like to do is take this Medical Transcription Class, and also do some part time babysitting in the mornings. This way I can be making some money, but also pursuing valuable job training.

I'm suffering from problems w/ my webhosting. The servers were updated, but I seem to have lost all my images...this is not great. So need to update all my templates, and rearrange things. Off to do this now.

Hope that's a good enough update for now. I think I'll cross post this to my LJ, too.


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