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2003-09-25 - 6:47 p.m.

mini-vignettes...because i don't feel like doing homework or bills.


math poetry

i love haiku, sonnets, and limericks. i like my poems unstructed, but i love the challenge of making unstructured thoughts fit mathematical rules. theoretic math makes me wet. i like trying to make up new patterns for poems. i made up a series of fibonacci poems. some were written like haiku, a syllable equalled one number in a fibonacci format. they were about babies, abortion...fitting un-natural orderliness onto something so messy and emotional. something about getting married in navy dress uniform...fitting something so emotional into military presicion.


outdoor thermometer

we have an outdoor thermometer, thanks to mr. AR/OC (anal retentive/obsessive compulsive). it's almost never accurate, because it is in direct sunlight, and when the wind blows, it thumps against the balcony.


fall/summer transition

last friday felt like fall. it was everything that speaks "autumnal" to me. just a quality in the air as i got out of the car at school. maybe because it was school...just going to school has a fall feeling to it. the sky was dark, and there was a damp wind. jeans and a t-shirt and a sweater weather. backpack on my back. smoking and walking to class. just a very fall day. the kind where i'd skip class and sit under a tree with a thermos of coffee, bottle of water, pack of cigarettes, and books instead of homework. i'd sit on the ground, which feels dry, but inevitably leaves me with a cold, wet ass. because fall has soaked into the ground.


the problem

the problem is i don't "do" plot. i always have characters, discussions, internal monologues, and a nice backstory. but in writing, as everything, i lack motivation and disclosure. no nice, measured, disclosure of motives and actions. just conversations and histories.


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