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2004-03-30 - 9:10 a.m.

Today is very strange. I just feel very snoozy. I've had a lot to write about lately, but I haven't wanted to do it. Mostly I'm overwhelmed, stressed, and panicked. I haven't really felt like sharing that with everyone. Not to mention that I get irritated when all the entries I read are complaints, so I really don't want to be *that guy*. Or rather, *that girl*.

One woman in my class thinks she might be pregnant. And she'd like to be. She said actually that she isn't actively trying, but if something happens, it happens, but I am pretty sure from things she's said before that she'd like to be pregnant. And I'm so uber-jealous.

I think after I finish knitting for the craft fair, I'm going to be done knitting for other people for a while. I'll finish up Chris's scarf, and Matt's projects, and just chill out. Because knitting is becoming a chore, and I'm agonizing over whether anyone is going to want my stuff, and that's exhausting and stressful, too.

I think I'm going to wrap up this entry now. I've been thinking about things I want to post, and I might get back into the habit. I've just been so lost in my head lately that I can't seem to find the energy to just do it.


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